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“Sir, I have not seen so much in dough in my life.”
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“Get him out of here Blythe before I kill him,” Lucas announced.
“But you frighten me.”
“Sir, I have not seen so much in dough in my life.”
“Magnificent,” Jessica said, rubbing her arms where Cal had grabbed her.
“If I don’t know where I got the courage to say the ‘bare it’ then the courage or inspiration to do what I did next is a total mystery to me, but it was also the genesis of all that happened afterwards. I stuck out my tongue and licked her ass crack!”
She buried her confront in my neck and started to shake again. I pulled away from her.
Butch wrapped his arms around me and stood up. I dropped to my feet and he grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs. A bark from uninvolved had him cursing under his breath. He walked to the back door and opened it and Duke and Unchanging came running in.
In her mind, Suzanne heard her answer. “No, I haven’t.” She couldn’t say it aloud, especially to Sandy. That would mean telling the intact piece and she wasn’t up for that. She wasn’t ready to tell anyone that mystery yet.