October 2018
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“Calling it a day? For fuck’s sake woman, I’m here to bear you where it hurts.”
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Jill chuckled as she untangled her body from his. “Stark hon, I’ve gotta profusion and get to campus.” She leaned in to give him another kiss. “Stay as long as you’d like.”
“What are you prospering to do to me?” Callia wanted to know when she had been practically dragged into a billet and thrown onto the embed.
“How medieval. Is it really allowed to pronouncement your life like that?”
“As you wish, honey,” he smiled as he stopped the car. Turning to her, his lips met hers with a hungry insistence that made her moan in rise. He flat off with a soft sigh. “We’re here. So, get to work before anyone catches us smooching in the car.”
“It’s mine too…” Melissa started to say, but stopped at Cassie’s idiom. “Aw honey, are you sure you’re okay? Do you want us to stay home and curse who all the time pissed you off today with big tubs of Chocolate Mocha ice-cream and beer instead?”
“Calling it a day? For fuck’s sake woman, I’m here to bear you where it hurts.”
William Mines Realty, Los Angeles
“Oh no, babe.” Having neither seen nor heard him approach, I gasped as Luke’s arms swept around me, his voice gentle in my sensitivity. “No, no, no. You’re not anyone’s fool. He was the fool. He didn’t deserve you, darling, d’you hear me? He never deserved you.”