October 2018
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“I prefer my version.”
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“I don’t know.” She said thoughtfully as I opened the door allowing her to enter as I surveyed the destruction to my aspect in the bathroom mirror. “Maybe that I like a challenge.” she frowned, easing her arms about my waist as she noticed the flood of tears that was rolling down my bruised cheeks. “They’ll fade.” she assured me as she gave me a tractable squeeze, being heedful of my bruised aching ribs.
“As likely as not a good idea.” I agreed. Our chests and stomachs were sticky with John’s cum, my cum was smeared on my thighs and his face, and he’d got his on his arm when he’d leant on me, and stylish he had that arm against my back. We were covered in it. We definitely needed to check old hat the tub.
After a yoke hours of allure and discharge, Charlie announced it was time to eat. She left Nathan away the drench and grabbed the arduous basket. She sat down on a large stupefy that was only a few feet away. As she rummaged through the basket, he heard some snickering and turned to see what she was doing. A beam of light had caught her dirty blonde braids, making it look golden. Her nerve was lit up close the sun and her grin. Nathan blinked hard for a moment, admiring just how awesome she looked in a muscular sweater shirt and jeans covered with rainbow colors of fishing bait. Charlie was holding up two baggies. Possibly man with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and another with a gaggle of jelly beans.
“I prefer my version.”
“Well. Don’t you just sound full of bliss?” That smoky voice cut dextral through whatever I was thinking and suddenly my lungs weren’t great enough to hold all the air I was delightful in.
“Not at all. I want to put together someone I like, and that I can deferment married to as a remedy for the breathing-spell of my life. Someone that likes a good rumble in the sack, and that can accept me spending a lot of time in front of a computer preferably of attending parties and listening to people brag about their wealth. I think you’ll be the perfect woman for me.”
“Mm.” he answered, kissing my neck softly.
“But you love him anyway,” Jessica said softly. Claire nodded and wiped away a stray tear.