June 2018
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Cathy pulled a face. “He said it could be as much as six months.”
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“Sounds ladylike,” Blaine mumbled against his chest, his British accent getting thicker as he got sleepy, his eyes closed and his nose twitching a trace that he was about to fall asleep, seconds later he heard Blaine’s quiet snore and chuckled.
When the elevator reached his floor, they practically ran to his apartment, fumbled for a significance before opening the lock and slammed the door behind them.
“Yes, ma’am, I hope so,” Clara said, as obsolete in Charity as she ever had been in any other person, and contented with that totally.
Lucy bit her tongue and continued kneading the dough.
She could attend to the rustling of the bedcovers and he got out of bed. She caught a good view of him, though, in the dresser mirror and wondered how Bethany could give that up. What was illicit with her?
“You must think I’m really rude hey? Leaving like that.”
“Her father owns the building so she gets it rent free. He was going to pull it down but she somehow talked him into letting her use it. As far as the cost of foodstuffs and such, I believe that all of the ‘artists’ are on the Dole so there wasn’t that much of a problem there.”
Cathy pulled a face. “He said it could be as much as six months.”