October 2018
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“Well you’d think twice get mobile, they left about fifteen minutes ago.”
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“I think I have some idea, yes.” That was a blatant lie. She had no idea where she was going; she had no idea what to do. But she wouldn’t take any handouts from a man with a 100,000 dollar car; there was no system that could work proficiently for her.
Jill talked about growing up a tomboy in Indianapolis and shared some of her more harmless Army tales, while Rory shared stories of his own childhood in British Columbia. The two seemed to avoid discussing anything current, like Jill’s plans simultaneously she “formerly larboard” or what Rory methodical did by reason of a living. But they yet institute plenty of common ground, discussing favorite movies, music, and books, pet peeves and their surprisingly reciprocated dislike of Wilfred Brimley.
“Have you rightful moved in?”
Greg had had embarrassing moments. There had been the time that his rugby band mates had stolen his clothes after they had gone skinny dipping and forced him to hitchhike naked and then there was the time when he was seventeen and finally got the love of his life home after a party and then vomited on her from having drunk too much vodka. But as far as he was concerned, there was nothing worse than having made a gallant effort to find the char who he desperately wanted, only to be assaulted by her sister’s massive interior decorator handbag containing the modish very overpriced pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that she was hiding from her husband.
As much as it was becoming wordy, she started interviewing workers again, this time from the produce department. Divers of the older men never finished high inculcate and the younger ones either had some college or graduated into this new economy with no beat future in immediate sight.
“Well argued sir. I am sure that my friends and I would be only too pleased to contribute to your future happiness.”
“Well you’d think twice get mobile, they left about fifteen minutes ago.”
“I don’t think I can work with you.”