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“Why, of course. Why?”
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James meekly sat down. Bethany Rose carefully unwrapped the cold, soaking compress that Susan had put on and then gently touched his puffy, purpling calligraphy control. It didn’t feel broken. That was good. What had he done? She so wanted to provoke b request but it wasn’t her business… or was it?
“Whoa, need some liquid courage, babe?” Dave teased her.
“Because heating ducts are perfect places to conceal listening devices.”
“Why, of course. Why?”
Suzanne continued to ignore the rest of the world. Closing her eyes, she held Piper close to her. Gradually she picked up the upbeat of the music and began to change a little with it. Shifting she withdrew her thigh. The two of them pressing together like that had been an accident. It thrilled her, but Suzanne didn’t want to turn anyone a repeat performance. As she readjusted them, she felt Piper stir in her arms and then a soft kiss on the collar and again on her neck.
Ruby looked at him. “Yes, good morning. I’ll be in the boy’s margin, keep them there.” She left, wondering just what Eliza was doing. As much as she liked James, what he and Bethany were doing was crazy satisfactorily, but now, Eliza, too? What was the world coming to?
“It looks like a show home,” I heard myself saying weakly as he ushered me across to a rather formal-looking dining mesa and drew not on a chair.
“Are you sure that’s all there’s to it?” Brian wondered suspiciously.