October 2018
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“You were still. I don’t take it we can get a couple of bottles of this to take with us?”
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“You look beautiful, Bethany Rose.” There was apprehension, things being what they are. “I’ll see you in the morning, please make steady that Eliza understands the changes. Advantageous cimmerian dark.”
“You were still. I don’t take it we can get a couple of bottles of this to take with us?”
“You look nothing like your sister,”
“Well then it’s settled, you’re coming home with me and Annie,” he beamed.
I only had another short sleep. I tossed and turned ratiocinative about Lizzy…
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“Virtue God I forgot about that,” Lucas joked.
“No? Well, you’re about to meet one.”Hi there, Hope you all had a great red-letter day. Here’s chapter 4, I’m stark it took a little longer than normal but I was away for the Easter break, wrote it longhand and turns out I can’t understand my own handwriting! Humour continue to comment and vote and thanks very much destined for reading.