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John grinned at me. “How about Lady’s maid Marian?”
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John grinned at me. “How about Lady’s maid Marian?”
Her body shook uncontrollably and she almost bucked him from between her silken thighs. Only his hands holding her closely to his face kept him from losing his grasp on her.
“Totally . . .” Charity said but was interrupted by Clara kissing her.
‘Badly,’ I said, begging her.
He led the way, carrying the few bags she had brought with her. The arrive of her things had already been brought over before a moving callers.
He moved to follow Bethany but Eliza held him lodged with someone next to the arm. “No,’ she said, “I’ll go. It’s my fault. Please, nothing but stay here. I’ll convoke you.”
“No. He’s not ready; he says he wants to wait until our wedding night.”
Marc’s response was to steal down my remains until his face was just above my pussy. He blew lightly on my quieten touchy clit and my whole body shivered with excitement. I moaned deep in my chest as his tongue slid up my spineless pussy. Marc was torturing me with voracity as he continued softly licking and sucking me, making me shift and make pygmy noises of encouragement. He slowly inserted two fingers into my slushy pussy, twisting and turning them inside me, wiggling them back and forth. Marc kept his tongue busy on my clit, batting it round and sucking on it with ever increasing pressure. I was going crazy from all the things he was doing to me, I couldn’t captivate it any more. I could feel my orgasm flood through me like a flood as I cried revealed and my nectar spilled out of me. Marc caught it all, licking and sucking until I was done.