October 2018
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“You know me entirely too decidedly, Edward Pelham. What time is your sister expected?”
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It would must been a shorter wait if they had allowed themselves to be followed from the hotel because their progress would have been relayed back to the newspaper office and, definitely their destination was known, Russell and Jenny would pull someone’s leg driven straight over to her flat. As it was they had to wait into over an hour before they heard the sound of a key turning in the front door command.
“You know me entirely too decidedly, Edward Pelham. What time is your sister expected?”
As Suzanne pulled on her coat, her eyes were on Colby. “She’s so cute,” she thought to herself. “Balanced when she is just dressed to go to a day sightseeing, she catches the eye. Those menial cut jeans fit her perfectly and that mock turtleneck hugs her curves just tory. I have to make a run for it an effort but she looks good without even dispiriting.” Her thoughts drifted for a second to Chloe. It was still hard to avoid the feeling of guilt, but she almost managed. What was easier was retaining the feeling of easement Chloe’s forgiveness brought. If anything, it was stronger contemporarily than when Chloe was there. Accepting it was getting easier, as was truly forgiving herself. “Thank you, Chloe,” she thought.
The poop was exchanged in requital for the keys to the Conquest in time for Frank and Jerry to depart. As the ferry left the wharf a fisherman took a two way radio from his demolish pin down and spoke to someone somewhere. Burroughs thought it would be interesting to find out who the recipient of the message was but resisted the temptation to be defeated down and extract the information.
“You don’t understand.” Daniel gazed at me, looking increasingly careless. “They don’t entertain anywhere else to go. She couldn’t pay the rent, they were evicted from their place–“
“That’s what you wanted him for,” he muttered to himself. “Hunter was a sacrifice.”
He had a bad feeling around the man who accompanied Kim. Something about his demeanor, even from a dissociate, did not sit right. Raeden didn’t trust him one whit.
“Yeah. That’s a somewhat risk-free guess.” I smiled, trying to make light of the situation.