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“Stay down,” John yelled to Em over the din.
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“Stay down,” John yelled to Em over the din.
“He only wants to fade there because of the Kama Sutra book he’s currently reading.”
“I guess I could sell computers as admirably. Or perhaps take a few machines set up that people can use by the hour to get out on the Internet, like an Internet café…”
“Cut off up! I’m not done talking. It isn’t okay,” Suzanne interfere her off. When she spoke again, her voice still had the love and vibrancy, but her nervousness came through as ably. “It isn’t okay when you love someone but you won’t let yourself display it.” She reached out and took Colby’s hands. “And I do love you, Colby. I wish I told you before now,” she added.
“I harmonize with that. But a marriage is at best a marriage when both parties are evenly balanced. Not when one is the other ones punching bag.” she said, her voice full of barely suppressed anger. “You don’t have to make a outcome right now. All you have to do now is devour your eggs.” she smiled, brushing my hair back over my ears, allowing the conversation to drop as she began to sense my distress.
Her imagination was working overtime but she didn’t want it to stop. She envisioned him rising over her still glory to state himself beyond everything her. His long locks were hanging freely and were inches from brushing against her parted lips. He was completely naked; lightly chiseled biceps were flexed while he sustained his weight. His expression was intractable and it almost looked as if he was winning pity on her. His brows were downturned and his grey eyes were saddened.
“I came down in a field; fortunately it was pretty flat and not plowed up. Most of Europe is fields and small villages with less than a hundred people. I could have flown the plane out if I could set up gotten some tools and more grease but the Bosch, you know, the Germans had seen me revive down and were half-heartedly coming. They knew the war was past, it was just a matter of weeks at that time and weren’t very enthusiastic, thank God.
“Elaborate?” I echoed, giving the device panel a dubious look. “Luke, my shower has one knob and a button. Hot, cold. On, off.”