October 2018
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My voice dropped, all by itself. It sounded strange in my own ears.
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Some of the sick fear I’d been nursing all evening vanished as I hooked my arms everywhere his neck. He held me tight against him.
All people, no matter who, marvellously, at least most people, he decided, all they wanted was to be left alone, contain a decent life, a family and a wiser tomorrow. He had succeeded in being alone. The other three eluded him.
Rousing herself out of breast envy, Carrie nodded and skipped her way out of the bathroom. I followed her wondering what she had done this time.
My voice dropped, all by itself. It sounded strange in my own ears.
“How much do you value your life?”
He sat up on the bed and used both hands to unbutton her outfit, uncovering her breasts still confined. He lightly ran his fingers on the cloth, his hand trembling in anticipation.
SMACK! SMACK! went his hand.
“Chad,” Blaine whined, he was going to have to nip this behavior in the bud. Frowning he moved his hands under Chad’s shirt and parka, placing his cold hands on his warm back. Chad jumped and hissed but didn’t move away from the coldness at his back.